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Benefits of Tax Compliance as a Registered Self-Employed Professional

Apply for Personal or Business Loans

Quickly secure emergency expenses through loans and confidently make high-value purchases without the fear of getting audited by having immediate access to your latest ITR.

Maximize Government Services

Putting up a business? Gain access to government aid like grants and loans by proving your tax-paying history through your registration and ITR.

Plan More Travels

Apply for visa applications with ease, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. With the right documents, traveling to just about any country should be a breeze!

Build Your Community

Have you always wanted to give back where you live? Tax money helps your local government fund projects that build up your community.

Protect Your Assets

Build wealth and secure future generations by remitting the correct taxes levied on your business, thus protecting your assets from the risks of confiscation or repossession.

No. Everyone with a monthly income above 20,833 per month is subject to tax, regardless of your working arrangement (full-time or part-time employment, freelance, with or without employment contracts, with foreign and/or local clients, etc.).

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Why Filing Taxes Should Be a Priority

The remote work landscape has changed. Remote workers are now acknowledged, and we have the spotlight.

If you register and file your taxes now, the answer is NO.

What’s Holding You Back?

The video talks about the common fears, misconceptions, and reservations about tax filing as a self-employed individual here in the Philippines.

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while paying taxes is easier than ever!

Tax filing 101

Learn all about filing and paying your taxes as self-employed.

Self-employment Registration

Let us guide you through BIR’s self-employment registration process.

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